We digitize the future.
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u-create.it - Digital Technology Startup

We digitize the future.

You create it.

The Company

u-create.it is a digital technology startup from Germany. We operate powerful cloud-based platforms which solve business- and personal problems. Our purpose is to digitize and optimize processes to save peoples time and money.

  • Corporate Seat: Gera, Germany
  • Founded: Q3 2018
  • Business Size: 3 to 5 employees
  • Market: Cloud Based Platforms
Recent Statistics
5000 users and counting
Over 210 days server uptime
1 Platform up and running
3 Projects in development
Management Board
Konstantin Stefan Lindner

Konstantin Stefan Lindner

CEO & Founder

Christoph Scholze

Legal Expert

While working together on different consulting projects in Germany, Johannes and Konstantin notized massive potential in the catching up digital transformation industry. They took the step into entrepreneurship, while studying law and computer science. Driven by the idea to digitize processes and form new business models, u-create.it was founded in their common hometown Gera. The competitive and progressive mindset of the founders follows the passion to always create new things while helping people with new and innovative solutions.

Business Codex

We shape the digital transformation of society. Innovation requires openness, curiosity and courage.


Be responsible for the security of digital actions. We encourage "Digital Responsibility".


Fast growth can only be achieved through unconventional and creative business management.


Risks are the only way to make progress in life. That’s why we evaluate every idea, as strange it could be.

Our Platforms

Closed Beta

Under Development

Under Development
Latest News
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02/13/2019 We are in new shape!

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Contact Form

Our Headquarters
  • Street: Zwötzener Straße 91
  • City: 07551 Gera
  • Phone: +49 365 5177057
  • Mail: [email protected]

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